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The American Federal Empire - 'Change is on the Horizon'

The American Federal Empire - 'Change is on the Horizon'

Forget everything you "know" about history. Everything you were taught in high school was deliberately chosen to keep you uninformed and helpless about anything important. If you make the determination that you really want to know what is going on - to "take the red pill", as it were, this film will serve well as a jumping off pint for a real education. What is discussed here actually affects your finances, your freedom, and your future in a fundamental way.

NOTE; for all it's virtues, this film has one flaw. I'm sure you will see what it is, in both cases having to do with presidential assassinations. Do not allow this to dissuade you as to the veracity of the film's main topics. On the whole it is intensely well researched and will save you years of struggling to find this information in some other way.

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